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BAQUEIRA is the largest backpack in the collection.

Roll-top, adapted to devices (computer and iPad) and has a large capacity.



- Roll-top with G closure format for security and quick access.

- Waterproof.

- Compartment for protection of devices or books.

- Padded back panel.

- Incorporated bag for shoe placement.

- Anti-theft pocket.


- Nylon Resin

- Water Proof


- Unique Size

- 45cm x 22cm x 34cm (Height x Depth x Width)

- 28L

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Ideal backpack for all your ventures. Modern, elegant and comfortable. Made to last and to help you through every step of your journey. Adjust the backpack to your liking.

Features of BAQUEIRA

Inner Bag

Store your shoes, trainers or flip flops in the inner bag without worrying if they will mix with the contents of the backpack.

Easy Grip

Baqueira has two handles that help you move the backpack and grip the bag with ease.

Adjustable bottle compartment

Regulate the size of the bottle compartment to the size of the bottle you are carrying.

Adjustable G closure

G closure allows a rapid access to the backpack. Adjust the size of the G closure for a better fitting of the backpack.